I created my online yoga school from my experiences of chronic pain from working as a dental hygienist and then finding the limitless joys of yoga, particularly yin yoga, which transformed my life from one of stiffness and intense discomfort, to one of...well, more ease and bendiness! I fell in love with yoga so much that I trained to teach several styles to help people transform their lives.

I really do believe that yin yoga is the key to physical bliss.

The programs can be done anywhere, in your own time, and are yours to keep forever. You focus solely on yourself. You take a journey of pure self discovery and acceptance, and not focussing on the yogi doing the splits upside down on the mat next to you!

The programs are designed to target deep connective tissue to help you improve flexibility, joint mobility, posture, reduce discomfort in your body, and instil a sense of ease, and joy into your general life.

I use a functional yoga approach and a blend of different yoga styles which work harmoniously with your body as it is today, what you are uniquely capable of right now, rather than how you think you should look when doing yoga.

In addition I incorporate some anatomy and some chilled out breathing and short meditation techniques.

My background in dentistry gives me first hand experience of how sitting static & rigid all day affects our muscles, joints & fascia. Though these courses will benefit anyone with chronic muco-skeletal pain.

You are all welcome to join my programs, there is only one at present but more will follow.
I look forward to connecting with you.


Here's what some of my yoga students have to say...

"Today I woke up for the first time since being a dental nurse & I didn’t have ANY back pain. I am blown away by the quick response my body is having doing this yoga. Thankyou, thank you, Thankyou."

"I can honestly say that your classes were the ones I have most enjoyed over the years (and I have done various at different times)."

Hi, I’m Nichola Jayne Tong

(but you can call me Nicki)

Free spirit and lover of life!

I've also been a registered dental professional for over 30 years as a civilian and in the Royal Navy, & a yoga teacher since 2018. I divide my time between the UK and Slovenia where I teach yoga classes, yoga on paddleboards, and retreats in the beautiful Bohinj valley of Triglav National Park.

You can click the button below to go to my yoga in Slovenia website.

I have experienced transformations through yoga, now I want you to have this for yourself, so you can find more comfort and ease inside your own body.